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Welcome to The Gesoul Campaign Setting Wiki

The Gesoul Campaign Setting Wiki is a collective effort to document the history of the fantasy world known as, Gesoul.


  • Nov 7th 2009: The day after our first game. Everyone is a little more familiar with their characters. Over the course of the next few sessions, you'll be a little more familiar with the world & your place in it. Don't hesitate to contribute your character profiles & back stories here. Don't worry about making articles perfect the first time & don't worry about the formatting. This project is a living creature & we'll work together to make it grow.
  • Nov 1st 2009: Here are the first set of articles to get the ball rolling. A few key examples which will serve as templates are Lauren's character, Callie & The new addition to the existing group of Weretouched Shifters, the Broadpaw. So, enjoy & I hope you find some inspiration to make your own contributions.
  • Nov 1st 2009: Birth of Gesoul Wiki! I even managed to put together a few articles for the occasion. --Elizama 05:03, November 1, 2009 (UTC)

Gesoul - The Throne of GodsEdit

Gesoul is a long standing fantasy world which originated in an IRC chat. Its history then became the basis for a home brewed campaign setting which has been adapted for three editions of Dungeons & Dragons.

In addition to a rich history, the Gesoul wiki will be home to additional home brewed content inspired by the world.