"There is a place at the very core of the cosmos. It dictates the course of time. It does so in an instant..."

Throughout all of time and space are conduits of power emanating from the core of all of time. In their smallest form they take the shapes of fountains that restore youth or super volcanoes which churn molten earth tirelessly. In its most extreme form it can sustain a star to burn long after its time has expired and in a unique instance sustain a planet that will continue to spin and create life.

The conduit that fuels both Gesoul and its home star is a rift that acts like a window into infinity's core. This window is where Gesoul gains its vitality.

Unfortunately for the gods, they themselves cannot peer through the window to gain an upper hand in the final conflict. Unfortunately for the mortals of the world of Gesoul, sometimes they can view the events that'll unfold at Time's End. Usually this results in destroying the man's mind and body beyond repair, to the point where not even the gods can restore sanity to their mind or life to their ashes. It is rumored that if a mortal were to survive such an ordeal, their mind would open and gain the ability to mold reality around them. Perhaps even the ability to rise and strike down even the eldest of gods.