"It is said there is a single planet where the final conflict will be held and from the ashes of this final conflict those who are victorious will mold a new existence..."

Gesoul is an undying world whose perpetual vitality has attracted a great many deities from the far reaches of the universe. These Gods and Goddesses, some drawn from the ranks of mortals who have ascended to divinity and others whose origin dates back to the beginning of time, reside over Gesoul and will their desires on the land through their worshipers and the occasional use of divine intervention.

On this everlasting gem of a world, nations rise and fall, mountains are molded and shattered, lakes become oceans and oceans become deserts. A true oddity in the universe. All the greater powers in the multiverse agree that it is this world that will allow them the greatest influence over the creation of a new existence after time's flame has extinguished.

As a result, it is often referred to as The Throne of Gods.