Brock Long-Paw Edit

was born in the Northern Wilds of Craggen-Thol in the northern section of Silverfalls Valley.  Descended from a long line of Badger-Lords, upon reaching the age of maturity at 25 he was sent out to find an as yet unprotected stretch of nature and to spread the influence of the Badger-Lords.  As with all young males of his people, he is not expected to return.

Badger-Lords are natural born shifters that can take on the shape of a man sized badger at will.  Otherwise human looking, the Badger-Lords claim to be a race spawned by the world, to protect itself from the dark forces of corruption that seek to destroy the natural world.  Each Badger-Lord that is sent forth seeks out a stretch of forest to cleanse and protect, building a new cete, and patrolling their chosen territory.  The Badger-Lords are known to experience the blood lust when they encounter dark spawn such as the undead, goblins, kobolds, etc.  They will follow and attack those creatures with reckless abandon, until they are all dead or out of range. 

Brock was trained as a druid by his Mother, and underwent arcane training later with the elves.  He mixes the ferocious martial power of his beast form with his magical knowledge in an effort to defend nature and those companions he sees as his friends.  Brock has learned many rituals and bestial powers that increase his abilities.  He carries a magical totem forged from the Caramus Tree

which grows straight out of the ice itself.  This totem remembers it's cold prison and breathes its icy breath out when it deals damage. 

Brock Wakes Up...