"I am the hand of the Moon. Her defender and her champion. Her word is law and I do invoke it upon thee...So make love to each other. NOW. The Moon demands it."

Bel Lorieth (Player Character


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Paragon Path


Epic Destiny


Birth And Early Years Edit

Bel Lorieth was born Jummian'nato'anbanatha  to Norvana and Wayloon of the house Arsen in the small forest stronghold of Allfed 115 years ago. At any early age he was disliked for his unwillingness to change opinions and his tendency to hit first and ask questions later in the privacy of his own cell. As a young elf (114) he was sent on a spiritual quest to discover the root of his agression and mule-headedness. After abandoning his animal guide (a very uppity sparrow) he wandered the forest high on peyote until he fell and was trapped in a narrow moonlit crevasse. There, bleeding, broken and without water and food, Bel decided that people everywhere were stupid and he hated them. He then voiced this very reasonable opinion out loud.

The Awakening Edit

Little did Bel's realize that his blasphemous mutterings would be heard by the Goddess of the Moon -Sahinine, or her nearest Gesoul incarnation. Using her divine essence to create a waterslide, she descended upon the crevasse that would be Jummian'nato'anbanatha's tomb. It is said that the touch of the Moon can leave a mortal unsure of his wits, if so it must be assumed that Sahinine touched the elf very thoroughly and for far too long. He was healed in body and mind, clad in spiritual armor, and reborn as Bel Lorieth, champion of the Moon and defender of Love. The divine covenant between Moon and mortal turned Jummian'nato'anbanatha's childish petulance into a righteous wrath that was fit to scourge those unwilling to love (and make love to) everyone. As Sahinine ascended her diaphanous waterslide she whispered her words of command to her new invoker: " it."

With this sound advice, Bel Lorieth made his way deeper into the crevasse to find a place to sit and get really worked up about his new life.

Present Day Edit

Still new to the Invocation career path, Bel uses passion to substitute for his lack of wisdom, empathy, and hygiene. He has bullied dozen of men into buying their loved ones anniversary gifts they cannot afford and his threat to "burn down the forest with righteous fire" if rutting season isn't extended has been taken quite seriously by the already lusty animals of the woods.

So far, so good.

Powers Edit

Divine Covenant (Wrath)

Channel Divinity: Armor of Wrath, Rebuke Undead

At Will: Avenging Light, Grasping Shards

Encounter: Thunder of Judgment, Penance Compelled

Daily: Purging Flame

Utility: Wall of Light

Rituals: Hand of Fate, Tenser's Floating Disk

Feats: Invoker Defense, Sehanine's Reversal

Equipment (subject to approval) Edit

Thundering (lvl 3) Longbow

Defensive (lvl 2) Staff

Versatile (lvl 3) Spiritmail